Who are We?

We have undertaken the mission of delivering quality at reasonable prices by combining our 38 years of experience in rotational molding technology, which has also been used in the shipping industry in Europe and North America for many years, with the highest quality polyethylene, long-lasting (80-100 years), 100 recyclable, high-strength, maintenance free products that are environmentally friendly and suitable for difficult conditions in order to leave a more livable universe for future generations.
Our adventure, which started with the P355 and P430 models for the time being, will continue to be a solution, in a short time, to the problems in the maritime sector with products addressing different needs without compromising our quality principle.

Why Pan's Marine ?
Long Lasting

Our choice of materials are suitable for all climatic conditions and resistant to all kinds of adverse effects; from the salt water of the sea to the corrosive effects of the sun?s rays, from the disruptive cold weather conditions to the destruction caused by rugged water beds. We pride ourselves as Pan?s Marine to produce boats without a need for a periodic maintenance, unlike boats made of wood, fiber, polyester and other materials.


Imagine your boat dragged through hundreds of meters of rough terrain, thrown in to the water from meters up, hit by a sledgehammer, and driven over it. Pan?s Marine boats remain robust in all adverse conditions that can happen to a boat with high robustness standards.


With its unique dual-wall design, it provides you a safe driving experience, with the highest safety requirements in potentially undesirable situations.


Mankind?s thousands of years long journey on Earth is at the stage of most damaging to the nature. Toxic chemicals released into nature, toxic wastes mixed with drinking and seawater and many other damages? It?s not too late for anything. The key, to leave a more livable World for future generations, is to develop and implement an efficient recycling system. As Pan?s Marine, our priority is that all the material we use in our boats is 100% recyclable. Pan?s Marine thinks of you and the future.