• Polyethylene (hdpe) mono-block sea products, with an average material life span of 80-100 years (detected minimum life expectancy is 50 years), resistance to conditions such as corrosion and abrasion, is much longer lasting and cost-effective than materials such as fiber, polyester and wood .
  • The friction resistance is high.
  • It does not hold oil, seaweed and mussels.
  • It is not affected by the sun since it has 100% UV additive.


  • It is difficult to seriously damage a polyethylene boat. By its very nature, it resists impacts.
  • It?s long-lasting.

High Impact Resistance

  • It is elastic and resistant to cracking, breaking and wear.

It's solid

  • It is difficult to intentionally damage Pan?s Marine boats, which are the product of a manufacturing process in which material quality is kept to the highest standards.

It's strong

Comfortable and Spacious

  • Since the elasticity of the material structure is high, it absorbs tremors and vibrations while being used and provides a high comfortable cruise.
  • Designed and engineered, by striving to take care of all possible needs of its users, to provide an enjoyable driving experience.

Fire Friendly

  • Maintains its form up to 120 °C and is not affected.


  • It is stable against all possible negativity.

No Problem with Rocks

  • Its robust and long-lasting structure ensures the highest safety standards in all possible conditions.

Detail and Cleaning

  • It does not hold seaweed, mussels or any marine organism; does not react with them.
  • As maintenance, only washing is sufficient.
  • 100% UV additive; does get affacted from the sun fresh water, salt water, acid, base.